MEAM/MSE 507. Fundamentals of Materials. (Graduate)

Taught Fall semesters 2016-2020

This course will provide a graduate level introduction to the science and engineering of materials. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of students who will be doing research that involves materials but who do not have an extensive background in the field. The focus is on fundamental aspects of materials science and will emphasize phenomena and how to describe them . The course assumes an undergraduate background in any area of physical/chemical science and undergraduate mathematics appropriate to this. The course will also be accessible to students of applied mathematics.

MEAM 321. Vibrations of Mechanical Systems. (Undergraduate)

Taught Spring semesters 2019, 2021

Prerequisite(s): MATH 241 or ENM 251 and MEAM 211.  This course teaches the fundamental concepts underlying the dynamics of vibrations for single-degree of freedom, multi-degree and infinite-degree of freedom mechanical systems. The course will focus on Newton’s Force Methods, Virtual-Work Methods, and Lagrange’s Variation Methods for analyzing problems in vibrations. Students will learn how to analyze transient, steady state and forced motion of single and multi-degree of freedom linear and non-linear systems. The course teaches analytical solution techniques for linear systems and practical numerical and simulation methods for analysis and design of nonlinear systems.

MEAM 211. Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics. (Undergraduate)

Taught Spring 2017

Prerequisite(s): MEAM 210. Corequisite(s): MATH 241 or ENM 251 and ENGR 105 or equivalent. This course introduces the basic concepts in kinematics and dynamics that are necessary to understand, analyze and design mechanisms and machines. These concepts are also fundamental to the modeling and analysis of human movement, biomechanics, animation of synthetic human models and robotics. The topics covered include: Particle dynamics using energy and momentum methods of analysis; Dynamics of systems of particles; Impact; Systems of variable mass; Kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies in plane motion; Computer-aided dynamic simulation and animation.